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Upcoming shows!!

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Hey Y'all!  Just wrapped up Country Living in Columbus, Ohio, what a great show!!  Being from Ohio we just love seeing all the love and support right in our own backyard. Onward and upward though, and getting ready for the next big stop, Round Top, Texas. We always love to head South when it gets a little chilly here in Ohio, and Round Top is as far South Stash Style gets.  Such a great small town, and lots of great finds during one of the biggest shows of the year. We start off at Zapp Hall on Friday 9/26. Then just a few days later we will simultaneously be at Marburger, which will start Tuesday 9/30.  Both shows end on Saturday 10/4.  If you ever have a chance to visit the big ole State of Texas, this would be the time. What a unique experience these shows are, and it gives life to the true meaning of easy breezy Southern living,  starting with pie for breakfast at the famous Royer's Pie Haven!! Come say hey if you happen to be on this adventure. 

Cheers to ya ;)

Shannon xo

Freedom Month

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American Dream!

Thank you for keeping up with us here at Stash Style. In honor of our "freedom month" enjoy our treat to you. All orders placed in the month of July will be shipped free to your door. Please use promo code: redwhiteblue 



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Hey Y'all! Well another Round Top show under our belt. Quite an adventure as always. We had a space at Zapp Hall that was just perfect for us. Right in the center of all the action and across from Royer's Cafe at Zapp hall. So business went well into the evening almost every night. With Elton and Megan (with a special guest appearance by my good friend Jen) there, it made it that much more successful...and fun ;) Prom night was a blast and we had lots of laughs throughout the week. I am blessed to be a part of such an amazing group of crazy, talented people. I love my job!!

We also had a space at Marburger. We got to get our merchandise out to a whole new crowd of people and in the meantime met a lot of new and talented people. We saw lots of amazing things there.  

Well, we are back on the road making our way back to good ole Cleveland. I'll be sure to let you know where you can see us next.

Cheers, Shannon

Busy Bee

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These days I am working my tush off getting ready for my road trip to Texas. I have so many fabulous new products and can't wait to share them. Stay posted for new and exciting pics and products after our trip to Roundtop!